When you turn on a King of Foxes tune, it's a safe bet that the skies will open, alien aircraft will appear, the ark of the covenant will descend before ye, and all of your childhood pets will arise from the dead. Also, you'll hear an indie alternative artist whose undeniably catchy tunes earned her a Rock Artist of the Year nomination at the 2022 Western Canadian Music Awards, a spot on the Edmonton Music Prize Top 3 shortlist, and a nod from Cups ‘n Cakes: “King of Foxes is the real deal.”
Winter’s Majesty is A Zimbabwean/South African female DJ, Artist and Producer who specializes mainly on the Amapiano Genre and shares her love for a vast majority of other genres and music cultures such as House music, Afrobeats, Hip hop, Dancehall, etc. Straight out of Edmonton,Alberta, the Dj/Artist has performed in different cities and provinces in Canada i.e Surrey,BC, Winnipeg Manitoba, and Regina,SK and has also shared the stage with international celebrities & stars such as Uncle Waffles, and the Major League Djs, from South Africa.
Idris Lawal's musical journey began to take shape during his upbringing in Nigeria and South Africa. It was during weekends and car rides in Lagos and Cape Town that he discovered the rich tapestry of musical influences that would shape his artistic path. He soaked in his dad's Afrobeat and highlife mixes during those rides and experienced the vibrant hip-hop and R&B soundtracks while watching Hollywood movies with his mom. Nowadays, Idris Lawal creates what he affectionately refers to as "Afrobop" music. His unique sound is a fusion of hip-hop, R&B, Afrobeats, and Afro-house. Over time, he has released a collection of songs, showcasing his versatile talent and musical creativity.
ZENON is a bi-racial, non-binary singer who’s provocative lyrics, combined with powerful vocals, create music rooted in Soul. Thrilled to be part of Sade Awele’s Intuition tour, ZENON will take you on a journey, their words touching you with an old soul voice and chill vibes.
Forrest Mortifee (he/him) is a recording artist, ancient futurist, and transgender innovator hailing from the unceded lands known as Vancouver, Canada. He began his artistic journey at a young age studying music and theater before eventually branching out into other mediums such as visual art and emerging technologies. His interdisciplinary approach has led him to create a diverse range of works, including paintings, performance art, and an NFT museum chronicling his life journey. As a songwriter, he draws from a range of influences including Alt-R&B and Indie-Soul, with his music having garnered close to 40-million streams across platforms. Featured in Forbes, The FADER, and on BBC Radio 1, Forrest channels music and messages poignantly suited for our times.
Banggz is an Ottawa-based Nigerian rapper who uses his talents and experiences to create music that resonates with listeners. With a background in music production and an appreciation for hip-hop, Banggz draws influence from genres from his birthplace, resulting in a diverse and relatable sound. Whether exploring themes of comradery and celebration on a song titled ‘What a Day’ or protecting his energy on ‘KO WOLE!’, Banggz's music is both sonically pleasing and lyrically purposeful.
His latest project, 'ttyl', is a 9-track project that delves into anxiety and the dynamic nature of life, showing that he is not afraid to tackle important and relevant themes in his music. 'Placebo Effect', one of the songs on this project, was nominated for Song of The Year at the Cranium Recognize Awards, 2023.
In addition to his music, Banggz has gained recognition on various platforms such as CBC Canada, Ottawa Citizen, That Eric Alper, Tinnitist, Native Magazine, and Pulse Nigeria. He has also gained performance experience by playing shows like Pique Spring ’23, ’83 Til Infinity (Hip Hop Anniversary Concert), Cranium Festival, City Sounds organized by the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition, Country Club Pool Boy at Club SAW and SoFar Sounds. He has also opened for artists like Polaris Prize winner Pierre Kwenders, WizKid, and Asuquomo.
Temi Olawoye is a Nigerian-Canadian DJ who has made a name for herself in the world of music. With a passion for amapiano, Afrobeats, hip hop, house, and drum and bass, Temi has crafted a sound that is uniquely her own. Growing up in Nigeria, Temi was exposed to a rich tapestry of sounds and rhythms. She was captivated by the energy and joy that music could bring. It wasn't before she began to experiment with DJing. Her love for the craft only grew stronger when she moved to Canada and discovered the thriving music scene in Toronto & Montreal. Today, Temi is bringing those scenes to the city of Ottawa. She is sought-after and known for her electrifying sets that get crowds moving and grooving. Her infectious energy and charisma make her a favorite among audiences of all ages and backgrounds.
A 27 year veteran of the underground Hip-Hop scene and turntablist
community, DJ Killa-Jewel’s production style brings together the classic
boom bap Hip-Hop era with the synth-like sounds of modern-day Electronic
music. Whether party-rocking for the underground Hip-Hop heads or
performing dreamy, bass-heavy Live PA’s, DJ Killa-Jewel has solidified
her status as DJ, producer, singer-songwriter and turntable-centric
performing artist.
Montreal-based hip-hop artist Taigenz effortlessly bridges the gap between his
Cameroonian heritage and the North American urban landscape. Known for his sonic
versatility, he moves fluidly through Trap, R&B, and Afro-beat genres. With
a vocal tone often compared to a young 50 Cent and a lyrical approach resonating with
artists like Wale and Burna Boy, Taigenz has carved out a unique space in the industry.
His 2019 album Life Ain’t Free, distributed by Slammin Media/Believe Distribution
Services, achieved international acclaim with singles like “Lemme Ball” and “Speak The
Truth,” garnering over 100,000 streams globally. Taigenz is a recipient of the “Best
Infused Hip-Hop Song” at the Indie Grind Music Awards for his 2021 single “Foolish
Money.” His latest EP, Life A Life, features the hit single “Pas Idée,” making its mark on
SiriusXM‘s playlists.
● Number #45 on iTunes Turkey Top 200 Hip-Hop (2019)
● Winner of “Best Infused Hip-Hop Song” for the 2021 Indie Grind Music
● #8 On Top 10 New Entries and Heavy Rotation for “Pas Idée” on
SiriusXM Channel Influence Franco (10 Months+)
● Featured on Amazon Playlists : Nouveautés
● Featured on Spotify Playlists : Nouveautés de la semaine, Northern Bars,
Hip-Hop Central
● Earshot Song of the Day (March 1st, 2023)
● “Knock My Door” copy of single purchased by fan for $100 on Bandcamp
Nigerian Artist Awoyeni Princess Sharon that professionally goes by Ṣẹwà is a Singer, Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and budding producer.
Her Genre is something from an indigenous background, a blend of Afrobeat, Fuji,Jazz, Rnb and Pop.
A fan once said ‘You sound like the after-smell of rain’.
Her 6-track EP is available on all streaming platforms and is presently working on an album.
Ṣẹwà is a graduate of a Music Production Program at Seneca College. 
Ṣẹwà sold out her first concert in Nigeria in 2021 before her relocation to Toronto, Canada.
After completing the Certificate program of ‘Independent Music Production’ in Seneca College, Ṣẹwà had her first Headline show in Toronto ‘A night with Ṣẹwà’ and it was a complete success and another sold out show.
She’s presently working on a Canadian Tour with her band in 2024
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